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Maria Galland exclusive treatments from Paris






Soin Masque Modellant - Maria Galland 

MODELLING MASK TREATMENT, MARIA GALLAND's classic, long-proven treatment based on a deep-acting, self-warming mineral mask, which is available in three variations: intense moisture, effective anti-ageing care and a regulating treatment for blemished skin. It not only offers a spectacular lifting effect but treats the highly diverse problems of each individual area of the skin. Cleansed skin is first of all prepared with a concentrate for the sculpting massage before "problem solvers" tailored to individual needs are applied to specific areas. The thermal effect of the subsequent mask optimises the infusion of the active ingredients and ensures extraordinary results: the skin feels toned and firmed. The complexion glows and looks years younger.

75 min  Price: 16.900 Ft






Luxury facial treatment Soin Mille Lumière


SOIN MILLE LUMIÈRE is MARIA GALLAND’s “champagne” treatment. It makes for optimum radiance and has an immediate anti-aging effect. Two masks, a pleasant massage and the most superior products contribute significantly to reducing wrinkles and regenerating and firming the skin. Exclusive use of 1000 CRÈME MILLE and 1010 SÉRUM MILLE, in combination with the other products and the skills of the beauty therapist, offers maximum relaxation.

This exclusive treatment is ideal for skin from 40 with the highest demands. Experience 90 minutes of pure pleasure for the senses!

Price: 25.000 Ft



Profilift - Maria Galland

"Lifting" effect, deep action and relaxation – the firming PROFILIFT TREATMENT ensures immediately visible and tangible results. In just  75 minutes, the skin is plumped up from within, wrinkles are reduced and the facial contours resculpted. 

Professional face massages follow on from thorough cleansing: the effective combination of Far Eastern massage techniques inspired by "shiatsu" with a deep-acting connective tissue massage ensures that the skin is energised and toned and that the high-performance active ingredients can penetrate deep into the skin, where they take targeted action to counter loss of skin firmness. The facial contours are newly defined and the texture of the skin is rejuvenated and toned.

75 min Price: 19.000 Ft



Soin Cocon - Maria Galland 

In the COCOON MASK TREATMENT, everything centres on well-being and relaxation. It is distinguished by beneficial massages that accompany the individual treatment steps, relax the facial features, smooth the skin and energise the connective tissue. Cleansing, an active ingredient ampoule, a face mask and a wonderfully soft foam mask - which envelops the face like a cocoon - supply the skin with highly concentrated active ingredients, giving it renewed energy and resilience and leaving it glowing with health and vitality.

75 min Price: 16.900 Ft




Pureness treatment

Ideal for preventing lack of radiance and muddy complexion, the PURENESS TREATMENT leaves the skin looking luminous and even. Thanks to its precise selection of "purifying" products – simultaneously non aggressive, deep-cleansing, sebum-regulating and shine-controlling – the skin gradually regains its natural balance. Dead cells are eliminated, the pores tightened. Sebum production is regulated and excess sebum absorbed. Shiny skin is a thing of the past and compolexion becomes resplendent with purity. 

45 min Price: 11.900 Ft




Szemkontúr kezelés

Szeretné, ha szemkontúrján a bőr ragyogó és vitalitást sugárzó lenne?
Ez a speciális revitalizáló és frissítő kezelés erősíti a kötőszöveteket és a bőr védekezőképességét. A tengeri algákat tartalmazó maszk csökkenti a ráncokat, miközben tompítja a fáradtság és stressz nyomait. A kezelésnek köszönhetően a szemkontúr kisimul és tartósan hidratált lesz.

A kezelés hossza 25 perc
Ára: 7.500 Ft





Gertraud Gruber – a pioneer with vision


Gertraud Gruber – a pioneer with vision

Her name has been a trademark for many years. Since 1955 Gertraud Gruber has been synonymous with classic beauty care based on natural principles – and more besides: with her holistic ethos, right from day one she focused not only on the face and body but also on the wellbeing of the mind and the soul in her treatments. Born in Munich in 1921, Gertraud Gruber originally wanted to be a dancer. But the war put an end to her time at the famous Isadora Duncan school, and Gertraud Gruber went on to train in kinesiatrics, specialising in treating the facial muscles after nerve damage.

Inner and outer harmony

Gertraud Gruber treatments for face, neck and décolletage as well as the entire body are known to be far more effective than the usual cosmetic treatments. Individual skin condition can change rapidly due to internal and external factors and is always the starting point at Gertraud Gruber for selecting the natural preparations and corresponding treatment methods.

This refined interplay not only visibly improves the complexion, but also noticeably contributes to the inner harmony and balance achieved by a Gertraud Gruber treatment.

Place yourself in the trained hands of your Gertraud Gruber beautician.



Pure relaxation for mind and soul

Rebalancing the soul by releasing inner blockages. In line with this philosophy of many different health teachings, Gertraud Gruber has developed the Bio-Release head massage.

This special massage for face, scalp and neck is designed specifically to gently release (loosen, let go of) tensions and blockages. With the Bio-Release massage, you will be treating yourself to a holistic relaxation experience

20-60 min Price: 3.500 - 9.900 Ft




Natural intensive skin care with plant power

The highly effective phyto treatment works so well due to its balanced combination of naturopathic plant extracts and natural aromas:

firms the skin and gives dry, mature skin a velvety appearance

visibly calms sensitive, irritated skin

normalises sebum production and creates a clear skin



Classic facial cleaning

One hour of relaxation for your beauty. The result: fresh and pure skin with clear facial expressions. Cleansing, peeling, purification, caring facial massage, moisturising mask and a caring day cream.

90min Price:11900 Ft


Face and cleavage massage 

20min Price:4500Ft
30min Price:5500Ft




Ultratone biocomputer face treatment from London!
Non- surgifical face-lifting:

- reducing wrinkles 
- limph massage
- deep hidratante infusion 
- deep-active connectiv tissue massage

20-45 minutes Price: 3900-5500Ft




Ultrasound antioxidant treatment

15min Price: 3200Ft




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